The TICA Siamese Breed Committee continues to be a strong advocate for breed preservation, supporting research efforts aimed at exploring health issues threatening the viability of our breeds. We invite you to explore the Amyloidosis Research Initiative below, made possible by the Winn Feline Foundation. We ask that you kindly consider donating to this important cause; the survival of our breed truly depends on it. Amyloidosis has become a significant health threat for our breeds, often causing sudden death in cats under the age of 5 years. As described by Dr. Leslie Lyons (Principle Investigator at the Feline Genetics Lab in the Dept. of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri):


Amyloidosis is characterized by abnormal deposits of a protein complex (amyloid) in tissues and organs, which affects their functions and eventually can lead to organ failure and death. 


Designated funds will be used by researchers to discover a DNA test, eventually eliminating this genetic trait through appropriate breeding programs. To donate, please visit the following link:


The TICA Siamese Breed Committee is honoured to dedicate this page to all those feline angels who have passed away from this deadly illness.