The Siamese is the perfect pet for someone who wants lots of interaction and activity. They are wonderful with children and other pets. They are very loving, loyal, intuitive, demanding and social. It has been said by many who have owned Siamese that one should have two - so that they can entertain each other while their owners are away. Otherwise, one must be prepared to drop everything upon returning home in order to spend half an hour or more "hearing about the day". Siamese are very intelligent and have a lot to say...they always have the last word. They are very playful, entertaining themselves for hours. They have their favorite toys and never tire of playing throughout their lives. They are natural fetchers and will fetch as long as someone is there to toss! They are very amusing pets. They love to pile up in a heap, whether it is in a lap or in front of the fridge to soak up the warmth or in a kitty kozy. They are as likely to crawl under the covers and snuggle as they are to curl up in a warm windowsill. They LOVE warm places.

Orientals, like the entire Siamese breed group, are lively, intelligent, sociable cats who love to play. Many of them are fetchers, returning their favorite fetch toy tirelessly to the hands of their human. They each have their favorite toys, this one loves catnip sacks; that one, rattle mice; another adores wads of crumpled paper. They can amuse themselves for hours with an empty cardboard box. They do not grow out of their love of play, remaining kitten-like all their lives. No cupboard or high shelf is safe from these inquisitive, high jumping cats. Many Orientals are talkative cats, telling you about their whole day and commenting on what you are doing. They have strong and distinctive personalities. Do not let their fine bones and slender appearance fool you! They are athletic and confident. They hold their own against much larger cats and dogs, often ruling the roost.

Orientals are devoted to their people and need companionship. Some Orientals are "one person" cats, avoiding visitors or even some members of a family. More commonly they love everyone and love a party, happily jumping from lap to lap, purring and asking for pets. In general, an Oriental does not do well as an only cat. They do well with kids, other cats, dogs, and lots of activity and commotion. They love attention and like to snuggle and sleep in a heap with their buddies or under the covers with you. They wilt when ignored. These are not cats for people who want to live a quite life, have undisturbed knick-knacks, and a cat content to sit still and look pretty. Orientals are wonderful for people who want an interactive and amusing pet and a true and devoted companion.

Balinese have extremely loving temperaments and bond closely with their families. They will be your best friend and want to be involved in everything you do from helping you make the bed to working on the computer (surely you really meant to send those cryptic messages of love your Balinese typed in for you?) to joining in all kinds of games. These gregarious cats will chat with you about any and all subjects while calling your attention to something you may have missed. They demand lots of attention and get into mischief so should not be left alone for long periods. They love to play and can make a toy out of anything-that little toy mouse, a leaf that blew indoors, a piece of paper, a teaser toy-that will amuse them for hours. Balinese get along well with children and other pets, fitting easily into the family.

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